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Belldon Colme

Weight affects our entire life course. No matter if it should or it shouldn't, or if it is right or it is wrong, it does, and there is little we can do about that fact. Our opportunities and options in life are better if we look a certain way.

As important as our appearance may be, though, it pales in comparison to the health benefit of being fit. The elevated energy and sense of well being of becoming fit create a life of enjoyment we may otherwise not experience, and create confidence that ripples through every other part of our daily life.

Fat Free With Me was created based on what works, without gimmicks, special products or special foods. It works for me. It works for countless people around the globe, and it will work for you.

You can do it. I can help.
Let's get fat free!

Belldon Colme
Creator of Fat Free With Me
Life Coach



Ashley C

"When I started Fat Free With Me I was VERY skeptical. Everything I tried always turned out a big failure for weight loss. Working with my personal coach I reached my goal of 115 pounds, a weight I haven't been since I was a teenager. I am truly amazed how much weight I lost in so little time, after so many years of failed attempts. After my weight loss, my coach has stayed with me, teaching me how to keep that weight off. I am VERY happy about my experience. All I can say is 'Wow! it really works!'. Thank you Fat Free With Me!"

Ashley C., San Tan AZ


Vicki F

"I suffer from Hypothyroidism in the form of Hashimoto’s disease and have for years carried an extra 20 pounds I had given up trying to lose.  FFWM worked with me to taylor my program to my unique needs.  Belldon Colme taught me that the very food I was eating was working against me at every turn.  With lots of information, support, and coaching I’m achieving this goal without being hungry and best of all I’m finally getting my cravings for junk food under control."

Vicki F, Marysville WA


Tony S

"It feels kind of weird. This is so easy it seems like I am not doing anything at all. I eat until I am full, I am never hungry. There is nothing special to do. I just follow the daily instruction and coaching from my Fat Free With Me coach and the weight falls off faster than I ever thought possible. I have lost 50 pounds so far! For the first time in my life, I feel like my ultimate goal is within reach."

Tony S., Portland OR



We at Fat Free With Me invite you to join our exciting community of successful weight loss clients. We are the only fully coached online weight loss program with a success rate to be proud of. Let us show you how.

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Our Coaches Make the Difference

Weight loss can be frustrating. You might be surprised to learn that, industry-wide, less than eight percent of dieters are considered successful. Success in this context means reaching recommended weight and maintaining that weight a minimum of one year. We have made it our sole focus to create and implement a different kind of program, and facilitate successful weight loss for virtually anyone who is really ready to take that step.

Knowing and understanding food and how it works in the body is certainly helpful. But it takes more than a little knowledge and a best-selling book to make weight loss successful for everyone. When you hire Fat Free With Me you will benefit from the most experienced and successful personal weight loss coaches in the industry. Together, you and your coach set up a system of personal accountability, and forge a team that is much more powerful than an individual struggling alone.

Here is how we achieve consistent results for Fat Free With Me clients.

A Weight Loss Program Designed Just for You

People are different. Their relationships to food are different. Their backgrounds, life circumstances, health conditions, education, likes and dislikes are different. And what works for weight loss is different with each unique individual. There are many aspects of weight loss that are the same for everyone, but there are a few very important differences that need to be addressed personally for each individual.

When you fill out your New Member Profile after joining Fat Free With Me, our team goes to work creating a personalized program designed just for you. Within a few minutes of submitting your New Member Profile, you will receive an email with some basic program information and an important questionnaire. Your answers to the questionnaire are used to match you with the best FFWM Certified Coach for your personal circumstances. Your coach in turn will tweak your program to best meet your own personal needs.

There are three essential elements to your personalized weight loss plan:

  1. Your coach
  2. Your core program
  3. Your progress tracking

Your Coach

Your coach is arguably the most valuable element of your personalized weight loss program. You and your coach form a team, and establish strength in both support and accountability. Your coach will guide you as you learn what you need to know and set your Target Weight Goal, then be there with you through your entire weight loss journey. In the beginning, you may want to communicate with your coach every day with questions, comments or challenges you face, and your coach will be there for you. Best of all, your coach is experienced, knowledgeable and supportive when you encounter personal challenges like carb cravings, monthly cycles, life stress, and even health conditions like hypothyroidism or diabetes. Your coach knows how to help. Even after you reach your Target Weight Goal your coach is still available to you, and will help you with strategies for continued maintenance of your new weight. Your coach stays with you for as long as you need them.

Research suggests the three primary reasons people stop following their weight loss program is absence of accountability, inadequate support and lack of effective strategies to overcome personal challenges. Your personal FFWM Certified Coach is your path to overcoming all of these obstacles. You will be in contact with your coach daily by email during your first few weeks, and as you and your coach determine is appropriate after that. Remember, you may always contact your coach with your questions, comments or concerns, anytime, regardless of your other scheduled communication.

Your Core Program

The Fat Free With Me core program is unique, and designed to give you exactly what you need, when you need it. While most weight loss plans bury new clients in printed materials on day one, leaving clients overwhelmed, Fat Free With Me delivers each part of your program information via email only as you reach the point in your progress where it becomes relevant. In the beginning you will learn how to determine your weight goals and plan for success. Then you will learn about the four phases of successful weight loss; Load, Rapid Fat Loss, Reentry and Preservation. As weight begins to disappear, likely faster than you expected, you will learn more about what is happening in your body and why. Then, when your weight loss cycle nears its end, you will learn simple, effective strategies to maintain your new Baseline Weight, and how to enjoy life's finer moments fully without gaining your weight back again. In all, you will receive 11 core program installments over your first 32 days. With each new weight loss cycle you begin, the core program will start again, allowing you to refresh and expand your knowledge and skill base, leading to greater and greater success.

Your Progress Tracking

Fat Free With Me progress tracking is a function that meshes seamlessly with both your coach and your core program. You will email or text message your coach each morning, updating them on your progress, thoughts and questions. Your FFWM Certified Coach is highly trained and experienced to notice trends and nuances in your progress, and modify your core program to best serve you throughout your weight loss journey. Your coach may also ask you for additional specific information, and offer you very unique solutions to your unique challenges.

How Fat Free With Me Works

About 50 years ago, fast foods and processed foods as we know them today were largely nonexistent. Not coincidentally, obesity was also rare. Between 1970 and 2000, the period of greatest expansion in the Big Food industry, obesity rates increased in America 112%. Since that time, as has become common knowledge, obesity has become epidemic, affecting 1 of every 3 Americans.

Most mainstream weight loss companies have jumped on the processed foods bandwagon, and market their own self-touted "healthy" versions of processed foods. Ironically those processed meals are produced by the very same Big Food companies that are creating obesity in the first place.

Fat Free With Me is a wholly natural approach to weight loss. 50 years ago people did not use pills, powders, shakes, gimmicks or "special" foods to lose and maintain healthy weight, and we don't believe it is healthy to do so now either.

The Role of Food

The human body is uniquely adapted to efficiently utilizing food. During our biological development across hundreds of generations, there existed a balance of foods that were available for consumption by either hunting, gathering or farming. In combination, these methods of getting food created a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients by which the body could maintain itself as a fit, trim, healthy instrument.

Over the last century, and especially the last 50 years, the nature of food and how it is acquired have been irrevocably altered. Traditional staple food items have been processed in ever more radical ways, breaking them down into their smallest individual parts and separating those parts according to the relative value each can bring in the open market. As a result, the best parts of food have been extracted and incorporated into expensive food items. What has come to be regarded as "regular food" is made of the cheapest parts of refined foods, including parts that were discarded as inedible in past generations.

The result of this evolution of food is obvious, as obesity in America has already reached more than 30% of the adult population, a number that is steadily rising. Obesity related diseases are skyrocketing in tandem.

Fat Free With Me uses real whole foods to reestablish in your body the balance of food types and nutrients the body has adapted to use efficiently. Only when that balance is established will the body do what it is designed to do, shed unhealthy pounds and keep itself fit, trim and healthy.

The role of food in this process is critical. It involves much more than simply looking for "whole food" labels or buying only "natural" products. It involves consuming the right foods in the right balance. Your body already has the mechanisms within itself to lose weight fast and efficiently. It uses signals it receives based on the food consumed to trigger those mechanisms. By learning what foods to eat and in what balance, and by following what you learn, your body will very literally do the rest and you will lose weight faster than you may imagine possible. Fat Free With Me provides everything you need to know to set your body up for success. Your personal coach will help you with individual questions and details to implement your program.

The Role of Exercise

Exercise is one of the most widely misunderstood topics in the realm of weight loss. You have likely heard a well-meaning someone say, "all you need to do to lose weight is eat less and exercise." Nothing could be further from the truth. While it is true that you must utilize, or burn, more calories than you consume in order to lose weight, simply eating less will leave you hungry, and persistent hunger will kill any weight loss program dead in it's tracks. Increasing your level of exercise exertion likewise makes a person more hungry.

Exercise is important for overall health, especially cardiovascular health. A good aerobic exercise regimen will add years to your life, and increase your energy level as you age. However, because the body needs additional fast calories (burning body fat is a sustained process, not an "instant energy" one) to maintain an exercise program, exercise has little net effect on your Fat Free With Me personalized weight loss plan.

Fat Free With Me clients tend to lose at the same rate regardless of their exercise regimen. After you have reached your Target Weight Goal, however, you will find aerobic exercise easier to perform, and then will be a good time to add it to your life plan.

Does This Really Work?

Yes. Unequivocally.

Weight loss as a client of Fat Free With Me is not a linear process. It is, instead, a journey. Our clients lose weight and reach their Target Weight Goals much faster than with other weight loss plans they have tried, but you must trust the process and trust your coach. Each individual has their own relationship with food, their own medical situation, their own life course and their own resultant challenges. Clients sometimes experience setbacks along the way, and your body will occasionally throw you a curve ball. That is okay. Fat Free With Me Clients working closely with their coach make it through these personal challenges with full support, encouragement and experienced help. So far, Fat Free With Me has never had a client/coach team fail to both meet and maintain the client's Target Weight Goal.

Special Situations

Some clients come to us with special situations and needs. These include diabetes patients, brittle diabetics, hypothyroid patients (including Hashimoto's Disease), post gastric bypass recipients, and a host of other personal challenges. Fat Free With Me accepts all clients, and is skilled with helping clients overcome the wide variety of obstacles that they encounter.

Results in special cases vary by the degree of the disease or the specifics of the clients medical treatment with their doctor, however many clients with medical conditions see a reduction and stabilization in blood sugars, and in certain cases a reversal of symptoms. All clients to date find they are able to lose their unwanted pounds, regain energy, and gain mastery over food.

There are many diseases and conditions that may be a direct or indirect result of obesity or being overweight. These include sleep apnea, hypertension (high blood pressure), pre-diabetic disease, bad joints, shortness of breath, excessive fatigue and many others. Most clients who choose a Target Weight Goal in the recommended range (your coach will guide you in this decision, and you can get an overview using this calculator) will experience a dramatic reduction in symptoms, and some will leave the symptoms behind entirely.

What Does Fat Free With Me Cost?

Not as much as you might think. Fat Free With Me is a fully coached weight loss program, however unlike other coached programs there are no recurring costs or per-meeting fees, and our coaches will never try to up-sell you, ever. Your Fat Free With Me Certified Coach is there solely for you, to create a success story alongside you. You have only a one-time program fee of just $399, made in six easy, convenient installments. For that price you receive the entire Fat Free With Me rapid weight loss formula and access to your personal coach for as long as you need them. There is nothing more to buy or to pay, ever.

> Some visitors ask if we will provide the course only, without a coach, for a reduced fee; like buying a book. The answer is no, and the reason is simply that books and other do-it-yourself style plans and programs have a very minimal success rate. No two people are the same, and their weight loss requirements are different. A catch-all solution, therefore, can only possibly work for a small number of people. Your Fat Free With Me Certified Coach is the differentiator that brings such a high degree of success to the Fat Free With Me rapid weight loss program.

> At the other end of the spectrum, other visitors have asked how we can offer a personal coach for as long as you may need them for only $399. It is true that we lose money with some clients, especially those battling diabetes or hypothyroid conditions. We are very happy to do so, though. Every Fat Free With Me Certified Coach is chosen first for their strong desire to help clients see success. In the case of most clients, however, our low fee covers the necessary time required to oversee the program effectively, and continue to assist on the rare occasion that a client needs us even two or three years down the road. We are obviously not looking to get rich, however we are confident that helping clients succeed where other weight plans have failed will take care of us in the end.

> Finally, we are often asked how we prevent ourselves from being overloaded with new clients to the degree that we don't have time to effectively coach each one. For that one, we necessarily limit ourselves to the number of new clients our coaching team can effectively support at any given time. New clients are accepted first-come-first-served. As we reach our capacity, new clients are accepted on the first available intake day. If our current capacity has been reached, you will be informed during the purchase process, before your purchase is finalized. You will then have the option to be prioritized for the next available intake appointment, or to cancel your purchase if you choose.

How to Become a Client

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